History of Laser Therapy

Albert Einstein formed the theory of laser in 1916.

In 1967,  Dr. Mester was wondering if the laser radiation from laser can cause cancer.  He experimented with two groups of mice by shaving the hair off their back.  One group of mice received the low power laser on the shaved area of the back. The other group received no laser on the back.

Dr. Mester noted that the mice that received laser did not develop cancer and to his surprise the hair on their shaved back grew more quickly than the other group.  Dr. Mester  discovered laser bio-stimulation and published his findings in a Hungarian journal.  Dr. Mester of Budapest University in Hungary is recognized as the grandfather of Laser Therapy.

In early 70s, laser therapy was utilized in Eastern Europe, Soviet Union and China.

During the 80s,  laser therapy expanded to entire Europe as a physical therapy modality devices with 5-10mW range.

In 1998, the North American Association for Laser Therapy was established that included the United States of America, Mexico and Canada.

The FDA cleared the first laser device for therapy in early 2000.  Since then many laser devices have been cleared by  the FDA for a variety of therapeutic purposes for which health care practitioners are utilizing the laser.

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