In our clinics, Class IV Laser Therapy is either provided or supervised by a chiropractor.

Currently, Reza Abusaidi, DC, is in charge of providing or supervising class IV laser therapy  in our clinics.

He attended San Jose State University prior to attending the chiropractic college.  Dr. Reza Abusaidi, DC, is a 1991 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic West.

He practiced chiropractic abroad in 1992.   In 1993, he joined San Mateo Chiropractic as a chiropractor.  Since 1993, he has been providing chiropractic care for the San Francisco Peninsula community.

Dr. Reza Abusaidi , DC, is experienced in providing a variety of chiropractic adjustment techniques, especially the modern gentle methods.  He has more than 23 years of clinical experience with gentle treatments for auto accident injures.

Most patients find class IV laser therapy very comfortable during the treatment.   He has observed that some of the patients experience enhanced relief when laser therapy is included with their chiropractic treatment program.

Dr. Reza listens to his patients and keeps an open mind considering their concerns   regarding their health.

Reza Abusaidi, DC